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February 2010

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Johnny Depp Wallpaper Tutorial

I know I just posted a tut yesterday, but I had this one done and I'm going on vacation so I wanted to get it out :)

Done in PS 7 - Should translate easily apart from the selective coloring, but the way I used it here, it isn't a big part of the coloring.

Make this wallpaper:


Alrighty, I started out with this texture from Bruno’s Honeypot http://www.brunos-honeypot.net/ I pasted it on a new 1024x786 background.


Next I decided which picture I wanted to use as my 2nd focus picture. I did this one first because I knew that I’d be putting my main focus picture on top of this one. So I chose this gorgeous picture of Johnny Depp. After cropping it and scaling it down a bit, pasted it on the layer above my texture. I then added these border brushes from http://revitalizedview.com/bedazzling/brushes.php The longer one was used on the top and bottom of the picture and the shorter one on the sides.




Okay, next I chose my main focus picture. Again another stunning picture of Johnny Depp :)
I pasted it above the first picture and added a layer mask. I then zoomed way in and used one of the PS soft default brushes and took away the background of the picture. You could also just use the eraser tool to do this, but I prefer a layer mask because sometimes I’ll mess up and accidentally get part of the picture and not notice it until later. With a layer mask, all I have to do is change my color to white, take my brush and brush the picture back in. So after I have the background all brushed away, I duplicated the layer and then went and brushed away any part of the background that had come back from duplicating the layer. I then set the duplicated layer to Screen at 33% I then added a black and white gradient map and I make sure that I check *group with previous layer* because I only want to make the duplicated layer black and white. I then lowered the opacity of the Gradient Map down to 50%


Next I wanted to add a few background pictures picked the ones I wanted. The first one I picked is the main background picture. I pasted it on to a layer just above the texture. I then took this frame from iconastas and pasted it above my picture and scaled it down until it was the same size as my picture. I used the magic wand tool to select the black area and then hit cut to get rid of it. I then desaturated the frame.



Now for my next set of background pictures, I picked the one I wanted to use and sized it down to about 100x100 and then used another frame from iconastas again on top of the picture. I again used the magic wand tool to select and then cut out the black. I then linked these two layers together and then merged them (Layer>>Merged Linked) I then duplicated that new layer twice and moved those 2 layers to the side of the first one. I set the opacity of the first copy at 62% and the second one at 44%


Alright now to add some color.

On a new layer I flood filled with #EAE7D6 and set it to Multiply 100%
On another new layer I flood filled with #9E0B0E and set it to Screen 58%
I then added this gradient from fraoch_icons. After scaling it to fit my graphic, set it to Pin Light 69%. I didn’t like how it looked on the right side of my graphic so I flipped the gradient and that looked much better.
I then duplicated the gradient layer twice, leaving both of them on Pin Light 69%.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now I decided that I didn’t like how my background texture looked now so I flipped that as well.
I then took this texture from Hybrid Genesis http://hybrid-genesis.net/ and pasted it on top of everything and set it to Overlay 10%. I wasn’t quite happy with how it looked so I have a Motion Blur and it was much better.



Next I wanted to add some text so I made a new layer just underneath the tan multiply layer. I used Morgan font in white at 48pt. Now my text looked too pink so I erased away the part of each of the gradient that was over my text.
Then underneath my text on a new layer, I used this text brush from ownthesunshine in white.



Next I took these two text brushes from yumei_k I applied the first on in black above my small background pictures and then I applied the second one and erased everything except for the big X.



Next I decided that my main background picture was too yellow looking so I clicked on that layer and added a Selective Color Adjustment Layer. All I did was lower the yellow setting in the Yellows and Neutrals. I also upped the black just a bit in both of these as well. I then decided that those 3 small background pictures could benefit from the Selective Coloring as well so I went to my layer palette and drug those 3 layers so that they were under the Selective Color layer. I also decided to drag my 2nd main focus picture down as well.(if you need the Selective Coloring part more explained, let me know :)

Finally I added this brush from natangel down next to my text. I first rotated the brush(if you don’t know how to do that, I’ve explained it in another tut here: http://millergurl.livejournal.com/15371.html#cutid1. It’s the 2nd one on that page)
I then applied it in white and had to apply it a couple of times to get it dark enough to be seen.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And TaDa!! :D


All of the Johnny pics I got at depp_daily



Thanks for another great tutorial. Going to mems!
Thank you :)
<3 Him. Nice tutorial! :D
Thank you :)
You NEVER cease to amaze me!! Yet another lovely one. Thanks for all your help :).
Awww, thank you! I apprecaite that comment :)
Um...that should be *appreciate*
Thank you. I hope it come in handy for you sometime :)
Johnneh :D

Thank you :)

I love your icon :)
Wicked tutorial.
Saved to memz.
Thank you. I hope it is useful for you sometime :)

Another fabulous tutorial to put in my mems! :)
Thank you :D
aaaww!... perfect!
the wallpaper is great!... very nice job! =)
Thank you :D
wow, thanks for this! totally memming to try later!
thanks again!
Thank you. I hope that you get some good use out of it sometime :)
thanks! great tut!!

mine didnt turn out quite as good as yours.......
Oooo, I like it! Nice job :)

Thanks for posting your result. I love seeing what people come up with :)
Great tut! Adding to memories.
Mmmm Johnny is hot! Just found this tut - thanks alot it's very very hot!

This is my result:

great tutorial :)

here's my result


will try some of your other tuts soon, you're doing an amazing job there :) thanks!!